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Meet our Team

We are very proud to introduce you to our fantastic team here at Holwell Nursery.

Curious Girl

Meet our Committee

There to help and support

We are so excited to be welcoming lots more new committee members soon! 

Curious Girl
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Our Caterpillars

Care for children aged from 3 months up 2 years of age

Our Caterpillar room is run by Sarah, our under 3's Deputy. She ensures we provide high quality, nurturing care to your little ones. We provide stimulating and fun activities for our youngest children, in order for their senses to develop throughout many purposeful and exciting activities.

Our Butterflies

Care for children aged 2 years old up to 3 years of age

Our Butterfly room is run by Nina, our Toddler room supervisor. She ensures that all of the children are provided with a safe and secure environment, to which the children in her care are able to start to independently explore their immediate surroundings with care and excitement. Activities and learning are planned through careful observations and taken from our children's interests.

Our Humphries Pre School

Care for children aged from 3 years old up to the age of 4 years.

Our Humphries Pre School is run by Alison, who is our Pre School Deputy. Alison ensures that the continuity of care is apparent thrugh all the children do and achieve in the Pre-School. The routine reflects the needs of our children and a stimulating and exciting curriculum is delivered. All of our children are encouraged to be independent learners, whilst all the time, Alison ensuring that language and communicative are rich and extended.