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Welcome everyone to our Nursery.

Here at Holwell, we believe in providing a caring, nurturing, fun and friendly environment for all children who attend. We are an inclusive community and welcome everyone to Nursery.


Whilst your child(ren) attends Nursery, we aim to provide:

A caring, safe and stimulating environment for your child(ren) to be in, we believe that children thrive and enjoy their Nursery experience when they are happy and secure.

Legal, statutory ratios to appropriately and safely care for your child(ren).

An appropriate, up-to-date curriculum (Early Years Foundation Stage 2017)

Appropriate and adequate staff with suitable and relevant qualifications. “The daily experience of children in EY settings and the overall quality of the provision, fully depends on all practitioners having appropriate qualifications, training, skills and knowledge” (EYFS statutory guidance, 2017)

Positive parental partnerships.

Plan and provide relevant next steps within your child’s learning.

Age appropriate activities for your child(ren).

Rich, fulfilling interactions for all children.

We provide sessional care for 50 weeks of the year, for children aged 3 months up to 4 years of age.

We have 3 separate rooms which accommodate the different age groups of the children who attend.

The rooms and ratios are as follows:

Caterpillars (Babies)

3 months – 2 years. 1:3 ratio

Butterflies (Toddlers)

2 years – 3 years. 1:4 ratio

Humphrey’s (Pre School)

3 years – 4 years. 1:8 ratio

As part of statutory, legal regulations, we adhere to these ratios at all times.



Experienced Child Care provider

Parts of the building in which Nursery is based, is in fact over 300 years old and has been standing since 1778 and has previously stood as a local Primary School and has since turned into a charity based, committee run Nursery. We are all very proud to have such wonderful surroundings to provide for your children.

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Sessions  and  Fees

Welcome to Holwell Nursery School, please find below details of our sessions and fees.  These sessions are applicable as of April 2020.  

At Holwell Nursery we offer various term time, and Holiday Club sessions that we hope, will be suitable for your needs.

However, if these sessions do not suit your needs please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate you. 


New Child Registration Fee £60.00 (as of March 2020)

This will be retained by the nursery.

£100 deposit chargeable to Parents that are booking their child in 4 or more weeks in advance. This is refunded when your space is upheld and is taken off your first invoice. 

Please note – The Registration fee is not chargeable to children attending on free Government funding.

Our term time sessions are based on a core 9am – 4.30pm day, additional sessions are charged accordingly.

Please see below our Fee's along with our Terms and Conditions. 


Government Funding at Holwell

Here at Holwell Nursery, we offer funded sessions in their entirety. 

You are able to access (if eligible) 

15 hours Two year old funding

15 Hours Three and Four Year old funding

30 Hours Funding - a code is needed to obtain this funding. 

Please click on the following link to check your eligibility for 30 hours. 

We offer these hours as flexibly as possible. 

Our 30 hours funded childcare is offered over 4 days, 9.00am - 4.30pm. 

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Holiday Care

We also offer parents a service over the Holiday periods. 

Throughout each holiday, we run a Holiday Club which can cater up to children aged 8. 

We like to plan a wide range of activities for the children. 

Help with Fees

We are proud to be a part of the Government's incentive to help Parents/Carers with the cost of their childcare fee's. 

Through this scheme, the government tops up what you already credit into your childcare account. 

Click below to find out more. 

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Holwell is a Charity based Nursery and is managed by a voluntary committee.

Holwell Nursery is a registered charity

We currently have 7 committee members whom meet regularly

Our registered charity number is 1081086


What other Professionals think about us...

Here at Holwell Nursery School


All the room environments are presented attractively with a range of easily accessible, open-ended resources suitable for the age and stages of the children within each room.

Early Years and Childcare Service Support Visitor

All children appeared happy and their behaviour was good. The staff were attentive to the children's needs and can talk about what they have planned to interest the children and support a range of learning.

Early Years and Childcare Service Support Visitor

The large outside area provides a range of learning opportunities, children were seen taking it in turns to balance as they walked across a wooden plank which was placed on two crates.

Early Years and Childcare Service Support Visitor

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Forest School Fun

Marina is our Level 3 Forest School Leader and is excited to be able to offer an exciting array of Forest School activities, that will excite and engage your children, of all ages.

Forest School is an inspirational process that offers the children opportunities, to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem. Through practical hands on activities, it allows children to follow interests and develop new skills.

Our grounds enable us to run some Forest School activities, which we feel the benefits are exceptional.

the six principles of Forest School:

- Long term process, not a one off visit.

- Takes place in a natural environment

- Holistic development

- Opportunities for appropriate and safe risk-taking.

- Uses learner centered techniques to create an optimal environment for development and learning.

- Run by a qualified practitioner, who maintains and develops their practice with each session.


This is us

Fun at Holwell

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